A happy new year to all anyreaders, new and old! anywayz is back after the holidays, well rested and wide awake!

2010 has been a good year, although perhaps slightly modest production-wise. Which means what? That things can only get better in 2011, of course! For instance, a brand new anywayz-fanzine, or anyzine is scheduled to see the light of day this spring. Can’t wait? Sneak a peak on the starter: miniwayz is a minizine featuring just one anywayz-story. It can be purchased through my blog or e-mail.

I hope you’ll have a great comic year! I intend to!


The first month of anywayz as a regular web-comic has been quite successful! At least, there have been four comics in four weeks, regularly on Tuesdays (except for that one Wednesday), which some people should say is quite successful indeed.

Still no archives. Sorry about that. But, should you happen to be an old (older that four weeks) reader of anywayz, you might like to refresh your memory and read up on some of anywayz's previous space adventures: Sexual Harassment and Bananas are Good. Are you a new reader? Skip over and read the comics anyway! They'll soon be available here at as well!


It's about time we got an update on this page, don't you think? Oh, wait, look! Is that a comic? Well, my, it is!

So, with a few humble updates to the site, I'm returning from a looong anywayz...-hiatus. There are quite a few storyboards waiting on my desk, however. They'll soon take a place among the stars (comics) in the sky (web), though. Don't worry, I'll see to it.

The archives are still scattered, but I'm getting there. I have deviced a cunning plan, involving a Ninja Wrestle Monkey search party. Or possibly just a party. One can never be sure with Ninja Wrestle Monkeys.


The comic anywayz by Janna B has, at long last, made its home on the World Wide Web.

The homepage itself is, as we say, in Beta-mode. (Meaning it isn’t really finished yet.) Nevertheless, it is online for you, dear audience, to admire. Stay tuned for exciting updates! There’s both old and new material to look forward to.

Due to a lot of moving around, the anywayz-archives are somewhat scattered all over the place. Please have patience! The comic will be fully available, from humble start to glorious presence.

Or, if you just can’t wait, you could always go to the Deviant Art-gallery and read anywayz from the start.